Candu Maintenance

Property  Maintenance  Service

Was created to be a single vendor source for property managers and property owners and to streamline the scheduling and communication process to ultimately save clients time and money.

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What we do

Candu Maintenance is a one stop shop for all property maintenance needs. We specialize in routine property maintenance and investment property turns using our network of licensed and insured vendors. Skip the hassle of shopping multiple vendors, screening vendor calls, and needing to oversee the scheduling and quality control processes.

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How it works
Candu Maintenance is a software based facilitation system designed to facilitate and streamline the work order process from start to finish. Our system will allow a user to input a work order / new job one by one or we can sync with your current property management software.
Step 1
Property Manager or Property Owner can input a new work order request via our website or sync their operating system to have them automatically sync with our system.Image
Step 2
Our system notifies all vendors in the zip code and allows vendors to accept the work on a first come first served basis.Image
Step 3
The vendor and the occupant schedule directly through the system and coordinate a time that works for all parties. If it is vacant, the vendor can communicate with the Landlord for proper access.Image
Step 4
The system tracks the process through completion, verifies and confirms that the occupant was satisfied with the work completed.Image
Step 5
Property Owners and Managers track completed work on their dashboard and realize the time, hassle and money they saved with this streamlined process.Image
Services Provided

Using multiple vendors for turns and projects is difficult and time consuming to manage. Our system allows the job to be tracked as a job, allowing things to be done and completed before the next task can be started. This helps ensure the cleaning is not done before paint, or drywall repairs are not done after paint. Time is money in this industry and our Projects system will help you use multiple vendors to turn your units fast!

About Us
Candu Maintenance was created by property managers who looked to solve a vendor sourcing problem and to pair this solution to help ease maintenance facilitation. Keeping vendors honest, fair, and competitive, while providing a platform for all parties to communicate easily was the solution and helping ensure that vendors are not undercutting jobs by waiving their insurance obligation is a thing of the past.
Satisfaction Guarantee

Maintenance is difficult at times, which is why we believe our system is so valuable. We strive to provide the best service through open communication and great vendor workmanship. If ever the work is not completed to satisfaction, our team is here to help. Our system allows you to dispute any work order with a click of a button. We guarantee we will provide you and update within 24 hours and guarantee the satisfaction of all parties, even if that means a credit or refund.

Our Warranty

No added costs for the Vendor or the Property Manager! Take advantage of our pool of verified licensed, insured contractors and track the completion of the job from start to finish.

Seamless Experience
Property Managers
Fully Managed
Finding licensed and insured vendors is an added hardship and time consuming administrative cost. Our proprietary system will find and use only those vendors in your area that hold and maintain their license and insurance, so you no longer need to worry about vendors losing coverage
Fully Automated
Our system automates the scheduling and facilitation process between the vendor and occupant. Don’t waste any more time sourcing vendors or hand holding work orders
Open Source API
We are not a pay-by-lead service. These are real jobs, ready to complete. We are not compensated by you nor is your invoice reduced by our fees. You make the full amount of your estimate and your payments are guaranteed to be on time. Make working with management companies easy again by working with Candu Maintenance!
Real jobs
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